‘Parched’ director Leena Yadav goes international

Indian filmmaker Leena Yadav  has signed on to direct ‘Secret Sky’, the true and tragic love story between two teenage boys in Iran, where homosexuality is illegal and punishable by death.

Carol Polakoff’s Viewfinder Pictures and Daniel Dreifuss’s Anima Pictures, who are developing the human rights film, will produce the film with Leena Yadav as the director.  The film follows two youngsters, sent to prison and subsequently put to trial, before being sentenced to pay the ultimate price for their ‘crime’. A lawyer, a woman also inspired by a real person, attempts to plead for their release. Micah Schraft and Abdi Nazemian are writing the film, which is planned as Yadav’s English-language debut. ‘Secret Sky’ is slated to begin shooting in early 2017.

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