Prantik Basu’s ‘Sakhisona’ wins Tiger Award at Rotterdam

Prantik Basu’s short film ‘Sakhisona’ is one of three winners selected for the 2017 Tiger Award for Short Films.

The Jury’s citation for award winning film ‘Sakhisona’ is as follows: “A surreal, poetic approach towards the myths that are hidden in the archeological layers of the earth. The film engages the viewer in a beautiful black-and-white aesthetic and evokes a love story that connects to the vitality of nature.”

The three winning filmmakers each receive a 3,000 Euro prize.

Synopsis: Sakhisona elopes with her lover in search of a home away from home. They end up in an abandoned village by the woods. Life seems happy and nature around seems to be brimming with vitality. One day, when she goes to the woods to collect twigs, a tree reveals to her the mysteries of the forest. A beautiful shaman casts her spell and turns men into goats.

Meanwhile, in an excavation site, stories that have been buried for too long spring back to life.

Director’s note: At Mogulmari, a non-descript village in south-west Bengal, there is a mound popularly known by the name of Sakhisona. A locally celebrated lore is still sung and enacted by folk musicians. Recently, the mound has drawn curious attention of archaeologists after a few artifacts have been discovered near the site, supposedly dating back to the 6th century. A series of excavations resulted in unearthing numerous terracotta/stacco figures and a monastery that was mentioned in Hiuen Tsang’s “Great Tang records on the Western Region”.

This film is a reenactment of the folklore in fragments, punctuated with images of artifacts excavated from beneath Sakhisona’s mound.

Kolkata based Prantik Basu is an alumnus of the Film and Television Institute of India. He has been making short films and documentaries since 2007. His work oscillates between documentary and folklore, mostly portraying myths of a collective memory, human nature and urbanization of environment. Some of his works have been presented at Rome Film Festival, Oberhausen Short Film Festival, International Film Festival of India and Experimenta India.

The three Tiger winners were selected from a total of 23 nominees selected to compete for the 2017 Tiger Awards

The jury for the Tiger Competition for Short Films was made up of Finnish artist, filmmaker and former winner of this award, Salla Tykkä (Giant, 2014); University of Amsterdam professor of Media Studies Patricia Pisters, and Andrea Lissoni, Senior Curator of International Art (Film) at Tate Modern in London.



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