LA-based Manjari Makijany’s ‘I See You’ at the Cannes American Pavilion

Manjari Makijany is one of the eight selected for the prestigious American Film Institute’s Directing Workshop for Women program, and the second Indian to be chosen for this honour since its inception in 1974.

Director Manjiri Makijani in action

Makijany’s AFI DWW short film, ‘I See You’, will screen at the American Pavilion as part of the Emerging Filmmakers Showcase on May 23rd at 4:30 pm. She will also be speaking on a Cannes Film Festival panel, ‘The Female Lens: Cinematic Agency and Perspective’, held on May 18th at 3 pm.

The 10-minute short is about a man on a terrorist mission struggling with his decision on a crowded subway after he meets a child. A déjà vu moment connects him to his haunting past and urges him to question the complex notion of the enemy. Through a shift in perspective, the film explores an ideal concept in action through the eyes of a terrorist.

It stars Shahaub Roudbari, Anya Inger and Raegan Revord, and was awarded the Will and Jada Smith Grant for Diversity at AFI.

Manjiri was also a participant at the inaugural Fox Filmmakers Program. She is currently packaging her debut feature film about the coming-of-age of a rural Indian teenage girl.

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