The First Look Project, presented by Script Pipeline | Seeking fresh, high-concept screenplays, teleplays, and short films

6th Annual First Look Project (FLP), presented by Script Pipeline, designed to funnel talented screenwriters and filmmakers directly into an industry hungry for great stories. Eager to uncover marketable, high-concept projects that can readily be adapted to film or television, FLP draws from strong relationships with production houses, management companies, and agencies across Hollywood to position writers for invaluable connections that can truly get careers moving.

Script Pipeline has established a strong reputation for unearthing emerging talents. Jake Wagner of Benderspink can attest: “I’ve signed a number of writers found by Script Pipeline over the past decade, including Evan Daugherty (Tomb RaiderDivergent ).” Cash prizes of each category are available to winners ranging from $500 USD to $2,000. However, the real prize is exposure. Winners immediately reap the rewards with reviews from major Hollywood companies which have included Paradigm, Lakeshore Entertainment, Benderspink, Energy Entertainment, and Darko Entertainment in previous seasons. Filmmakers are encouraged to think large scale as these major industry players are looking for the next blockbuster at all development stages.

FLP also provides opportunities for one-on-one consultations with development executives, each of whom is trained in the art of spinning great scripts into produced films and television programs. Alumni of Script Pipeline have snagged A-level representation and have sold more than $6 million in specs to major studios. Tripper Clancy (Stranded), whose contest-winning screenplay Henry the Second is headed to production in 2016, said, “I cannot underestimate the impact that Script Pipeline has had on my writing career. It’s been a long journey that all started with winning the competition.”

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September 20, 2017 – Regular Deadline

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FLP circulates exceptional high-concept material to studios and push more scripts from FLP alumni into production.

FLP was launched to help discover the next screenwriter or filmmaker who would have otherwise gone unnoticed. All entries submitted for consideration must have a keen grasp of the genre they are representing and provide a remarkable concept ready to take flight.

If you have a studio-level screenplay, teleplay or short film / media reel that’s ready to be taken to the next stage, FLP is waiting to take a look. Submit today!

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