Jakarta International Humanitarian & Culture Awards (JIHCA) calling for submission!

This is the final call to Jakarta International Humanitarian & Culture Awards (JIHCA). Don’t miss the chance to submit your film to this inspirational film festival.
Being an international film festival, JIHCA serves not only to filmmakers but also for the betterment of the humanity.
JIHCA has integrated with the World Humanitarian Awards, which works with the Council of Creative People and International i-Hebat Volunteers.

The Festival is searching for excellent films, documentary and narrative films, and looking for people with extraordinary heart who have a deep passion for helping others in need and despair, and one of the method–is through filmmaking. He or she could be anyone and from every part of the world.

The Festival mission is to promote humanitarian issues and inspire others through filmmaking and events. Winning person profile will become the festival showcase based on their CVs.

The Festival accepts submissions from any part of the globe and waiting for your excellent short/feature films and documentaries.



Submit yourself, or people you know, living or dead who concern about humanity. CV and other supporting documentation or related information like photos, clipping, or films are suggested.
Documentary Film
Documentary film at any length about humanity or biography.
Feature film
Narrative feature film with duration more than 60 minutes (about humanity issue).
Short film
A short narrative film with film duration <60 minutes about humanity issues.
Package of five:
Directing, cinematography, editing, script-writing, film performance, leading actress, sound, production design, costume design, music, etc (separate awards). Please e-mail your category of choice to :
The Festival Event will be held in Jakarta in April 2018. There will be a prestigious Awards Ceremony, press conference, filmmaking workshop, and screenings. International filmmakers, mass media, government bodies, and celebrities will be invited.
Winners of the Festival will be awarded the Humanitarian Man of the Year, or Humanitarian Woman of the Year, or Platinum Award Winner, or Gold Award Winner, or Silver Award Winner.
All winners are warmly invited to attend the ceremony. On that occasion, during the ceremony in Jakarta, the Festival will give physical awards to all attendant winners.
Through FilmFreeway.
CLICK HERE to submit through FilmFreeway

Through Festhome.Take advantage of this first deadline.

CLICK HERE to submit through Festhome
Alternatively, you can submit through Film Festivals Alliance (FFA). Film Festivals Alliance is a festival submission platform that offers Money Back Guarantee if your film is not selected (2 more chances to submit through FFA before being refunded).
CLICK HERE to submit through FFA.
Jakarta International Humanitarian & Culture Awards is accepting submission now. Filmmakers, don’t wait any longer. The Festival is waiting for your excellent films and documentaries.

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