First Call Solo International Film Festival

First call for Solo International Film Festival. Solo, the city of culture and enchanted tradition is calling for talented filmmakers and passionate artist and art performers.About Solo International Film Festival

The mission of this Festival is to exhibit any shape of art and culture worldwide, especially filmmaking, including directing, music composing, and acting, and also a various shape of art in general.


Theme that Solo International Film Festival are looking for is a general theme, but Solo International Film Festival is mostly interested in culture, theatrical performances, drama, any shape of art, ancient and futuristic tradition, visionary films, science fiction, animation, music, dance, historical story and place, biography, patriotic theme, humanism, and any inspiring films and documentaries.

International movies with various spoken language are welcomed but must be added with English subtitles.
International Feature Films:
Feature-length narratives with a minimum running time of 60 minutes.International Short Films:
Short narrative films with a run time of 59 minutes and below.

Documentary Feature:
Over 60 minutes in length.

Documentary Short:
Runtime of 59 minutes and below.

Solo International Film Festival is welcoming newcomers in the movie industry. The film director must state that the movie is his or her third movie (or under) on his/her application.

Any technique of animation, with a maximum duration of 125 minutes.

Music & Video:
Music videos under 5 minutes in length.

Art & Performances:
Theatrical performances, drama, pantomime, art performances, opera, dance, any kind of art exhibition.

Production Category of Choice:
Various film production categories and performances such as directing, cinematography, editing, story, acting, sound, production design, costume design, music, costumes, etc.


1. Through Film Festivals Alliance (FFA)
Filmmakers are encouraged to submit through Film Festivals Alliance (FFA) and receive the benefit from the Money Back Guarantee Program.
CLICK HERE to submit through FFA.

2. Through FilmFreeway
CLICK HERE to submit. It’s still early bird deadline, which mean it is now still offering the lowest submission price.
3. Through Festhome
CLICK HERE to submit.

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