‘Love & Shukla’ wins awards at the 3rd Yalta IFF “Eurasian Bridge” 2018

“Love & Shukla” by Jatla Siddartha wins Grand-Prix & Audience Choice Awards in Yalta!
Still: Love and Shukla
Shukla, an auto driver from an orthodox Brahmin family, has never intimately known a woman other than the celluloid starlets he watches every day on the 4 inch display of his mobile phone. When his mother arranges his sudden marriage, Shukla and his new wife face the experience common to so many couples in Mumbai: a new marriage, no experience in a relationship and a joint family love nest that offers no space for sex, much less a conversation.

Their only respite is a line of old suitcases set up by his father to separate them from the family, a cell phone and a city of 18 million eyes. Saharsh Kumar Shukla plays the lead role. His recent films include Bollywood blockbusters, ‘Raees’, ‘Rangoon’, ‘Highway’, ‘Ugly’ and ‘Talvar’.

Siddartha Jatla wears many hats in the making of ‘Love and Shukla’. He not only directs but is also its DOP. He has produced and scripted the film with Amanda Mooney. The two have edited the film with Srijan Chaurasia. The music is by Karl Heortweard. The cast also comprises Taneea Rajawat, Lakshmi Hima Singh, Rupa Aparna Upadhyay and Loknath Tiwari.

Siddartha Jatla
Born to a director father and actress mother, Siddhartha Jatla grew up with filmmaking. A cinematography graduate of Film and Television Institute of India, Pune, and alumnus of Asian Film Academy, Siddhartha’s earlier short film, ‘The Artist’, premiered at Busan.







Aparna Upadhyay and Siddartha Jatla at Yalta International Film Festival 2018

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